On Our Radar: Creative Juice Café

Pineapple, Jicama, young ginger, jalapeno and parsley all have medicinal benefits so try adding them to your juice next time.
Creative Juice Café offers cold-pressed organic juices to Equinox Gym goers and the public. Expect unusual produce combos and generally innovative drinks designed by chef Michael Romano and partner Danny Meyer.

With flu season in effect, and celebrities touting the power of juicing, you may be asking, “Should I try a juice fast?” But at Clean Plates, we think a better way to power up is to add organic, fresh juices to your diet (it may even help to stop a food sensitivity cycle).

That’s why we’re excited about the freshly opened Creative Juice Café.  Inside the 50th and 76th Street Equinox locations, the new café is helping gym-goers supplement their diets with innovative concoctions that can cleanse your system while you continue a healthy diet. Co-created by Equinox and NYC restaurateur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer, the café offers high-nutrient, cold-pressed, organic juices in addition to smoothies, baked goods, and sandwiches.

Expect unusual produce combos, and most of the juices on the menu—designed by chef Michael Romano and New York nutrition specialist and Equinox health advisory board member Dr. Jeffrey Morrison—contain no more than 200 calories.

Dr. Morrison offers these five powerful ingredients for DIY juicing:

  1. For belly and body aches, pineapple is high in bromelain, an enzyme that helps with digestion and also inflammation. “So this is a useful ingredient for people with stubborn, achy joints.”
  2. For trimming your waistline, jicama is “a root vegetable with surprisingly low calories and high in fiber and an non-digestible sugar called inulin; inulin tastes sweet, but has very few calories, which makes it a great addition to a shake for people looking to lose weight.”
  3. For a hangover, young ginger is a root with a spicy flavor. “It’s a great aid for digestion and anti-nausea. Think of adding ginger if you’ve had too much to eat or drink the night before.”
  4. For post-workout pain, try jalapeño (with only a few seeds). “[The] seeds are high in a nutrient called capsaicin, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory. So this is great for people with muscle or joint achiness.”
  5. For muscle cramps, parsley is high in potassium. “This is a great ingredient to add if you suffer from muscle cramps.”

633 Broadway at 50th St.; 212 541-7000
1429 2nd Ave. at 74th St.; 212 249-3917

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