Willyburgers’ Prayers Answered: Parish Hall Opens for Dinner

George Weld opens his companion restaurant to breakfast fave Egg for dinner service

Parish Hall will open in Williamsburg by Chef George Weld, owner of Egg
Local farms supply all the ingredients at this airy and light space. (Photo by: Parish Hall)

Williamsburg’s kings of North 5th have stretched their wings to North 3rd Street and last month opened Parish Hall for lunch; Friday, April 13th it makes its dinner debut. The restaurant is the second from George Weld, owner of Williamsburg’s locavore breakfast darling, Egg.

It’s hardly a surprise that Weld brought a following from the dining room and kitchen at Egg to Parish Hall. At the 2012 Just Food Conference, Weld gave a Food Talk centered on restaurant worker appreciation. “If you treat employees like they’re disposable, they will leave,” said Weld. “They should have a palpable sense that what they do matters. Their belief and passion will make the food movement sustainable.”

As they do at Egg, Weld and Chef Evan Hanczor will source much of Parish Hall’s produce from Weld’s Goatfell Farm. At the whitewashed Parish Hall, the kitchen is already using that passion to explore the possibilities of northeast regional cuisine during lunch service. Thus far, those expeditions have brought to the lunch plate a Ploughman’s Sandwich with Shelburne cheddar, crisp pickles and apple chutney; chicken and barley with spring greens and root vegetables; and braised radishes with goat butter and thyme.

Tonight Hanczor will start putting those local goods on the dinner plate as Parish Hall celebrates its first evening service. If the chef’s take on Easter lunch—house-made sausage with Cayuga pinto beans, broccoli rabe and nettle toast with mushrooms and Ronnybrook cheese—is any indication, Egg devotees now have a place for evening worship.

Visit Parish Hall at 109A North 3rd Street (between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue), Brooklyn.

Image courtesy of Parish Hall.