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Mendocino-farms-3.thumbnail.4yt6e Mendocino Farms

Come lunch hour, a line stretches around the corner for Mendocino Farms—and for good reason. Full Review »

Wordpress-Header Cook it Now: Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers: We hardly knew thee. Formerly, we thought of the plump, glossy-green peppers in one arena only: blistered, sea-salted and served as a pre-main course snack. But that’s all changed since we met Noah Robbins, the CEO and Founder of Ark Foods. His Brooklyn-born company is committed to spreading the love about the little [...]

Earthbar-equinox-6.thumbnail.8er6e Earthbar @ Equinox

Partnered with the high-end Equinox Fitness chain, Earthbar offers health fanatics pre- or post-workout organic fuel. Full Review »

Clementine-beverly-hills.thumbnail.6q85e Clementine

Clementine is a rather hidden retreat in the back of the UTA Plaza. Full Review »

Jennifer Esposito's new gluten free bakery is open. Food Talk: Jennifer Esposito

Interested in going gluten-free? Get tips and a recipe from actress Jennifer Esposito, who just opened a gluten-free bakery.

AniPhyo Food Talk: Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo

Ever considered eating raw? Learn about the lifestyle and get a BLT recipe from raw food chef Ani Phyo.

freebies 5 Food Freebies

Grab these online freebies that will kick-start your journey to a cleaner diet.

beansbeans Dear Clean Plates: How Can I Prepare Beans to Avoid Discomfort?

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart. The more you eat... uh-oh. Try our tips to make "the musical fruit" go mute (and become more digestible)!

Photo by Andrea Nguyen Dear Clean Plates: Why Do I Get MSG Reactions from MSG-Free Food?

Is there MSG hiding in your food? You might be surprised. Here are some secret ingredients to watch out for.

Restaurant-LA Budget Bites: dineLA Restaurant Week

Did the holiday season put your spending habits in check? Avoid buyer's guilt during Restaurant Week, when you can dine on three- and four-course meals without breaking the bank.

harley 550x300 Food Talk: Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer and nutritional consultant Harley Pasternak shares his secrets to a healthy diet.

Headshot Food Talk: Bryan Kest

What does a star yogi eat? Surprise: it may not be what you think.

ug1 On Our Radar: Urban Garden

Are you familiar with fattoush, lebneh or zaatar? Discover them all at a new Middle Eastern spot on Fairfax.