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Black Magic kombucha cocktail Mix it Up

Research has shown that kombucha may help immunity and digestion. A new study has even linked probiotics to improved thinking and emotion. So we came up with kombucha cocktails.

shauna_and_danny_CCcrop Food is Love

Cookbook author and blogger Shauna James Ahern, also known as Gluten-Free Girl, shares with us her love story and most romantic recipe. This quiche is perfect for Valentine's Day, or everyday.

rice from Gluten Free Girl SMALL Brown Rice Quiche with Chicken, Kale, and Preserved Lemons

This quiche features a brown rice crust that's easy, gluten-free—and delicious. Though the recipe calls for brown rice, you can use any leftover cooked rice you have on hand. The protein from the chicken and brightness from the preserved lemon make this a satisfying meal-in-a-dish.