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Dr Mark Hyman What Hippocrates Said

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We were reminded of that wise Greek guy when we talked to Dr. Mark Hyman, a modern-day Hippocrates. The author of seven New York Times #1 bestsellers, Hyman heals with food. He pioneers Functional Medicine, which targets the roots of chronic disease by balancing the body system rather than Band-Aid the symptoms.

shauna_and_danny_CCcrop Food is Love

Cookbook author and blogger Shauna James Ahern, also known as Gluten-Free Girl, shares with us her love story and most romantic recipe. This quiche is perfect for Valentine's Day, or everyday.

Chef Ray Garcia of Fig at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel Santa Monic “Eat more quinoa.”

Ok, let’s be honest: have you already swept your New Year’s resolutions under the rug? We shared our resolutions and heard from some food friends as well.

champagnelarge Eat, Recover, Repeat...Like the Pros

How do the eating and drinking pros recover after a night (or entire holiday season) of overindulging? We've got the insider tips!

TaymorParsonsAlma Kickstarting Success: Alma

Bet you can't guess how this organic, sustainable restaurant started. One hint: it involved the kindness of strangers.

Food Talk: Macrobiotics

Is a macrobiotic diet right for you? Find out what this philosophy means, and how to make a quick macrobiotic meal, from chef Shandoah Goldman.

Hooni-Kim-398x600 On Our Radar: Hanjan

Hooni Kim, chef at the newly-opened modern Korean restaurant Hanjan, shares his tips for creating a toothsome, umami taste without using MSG.

sqirlformatted The Clean Plates Special: Acting Sqirlly

In an exclusive article for Martha Stewart's Whole Living Daily, we interview chef/jam and fermentation guru Jessica Koslow about what she's pickling now—and share a recipe.

DSC04338 Tree to Bar: The Grenada Chocolate Company

Mott Green launched Grenada Chocolate Co. in 1999, possibly the first organic, tree-to-bar chocolate makers, with a dozen local cocoa farmers as shareholders in the chocolate co-op.

nbturkey_t640 Talking Turkey with the Godfather of American Poultry

Frank Reese knows turkey. After sixty years in the bird biz, the Godfather of American poultry found a few feather-free minutes to discuss heritage breeds, sustainability and Thanksgiving shopping tips.

That's the way the escaroles The Clean Plates Special: Escarole with Top Chef's Antonia Lofaso

Welcome to the latest in The Clean Plates Special, written exclusively for Martha Stewart’s Whole Living online. We dished with chef Antonia Lofaso of Top Chef about her wild ways of eating escarole raw.

Vegan is Love by Ruby Roth Ruby Roth: Children's Author and Vegan Advocate

Vegan art teacher Ruby Roth looked for books that would help explain her diet to children; when she couldn’t find any that “didn’t have talking animals and vegetables,” she decided to write her own.