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Soma Water, Water Everywhere

Mike Del Ponte was having a no-good-very-bad-dinner-party. A friend’s request for water sent him scurrying to the kitchen to pour from a homely plastic filtration pitcher.

Dig-inn-seasonal-market-2.thumbnail.4by6e Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Founder Adam Eskin has revamped his body-building-protein-shake-90’s-approach of The Pump to focus on quality sourcing, seasonal ingredients and excellent taste at Dig Inn. Full Review »

chapul crickets Bug Appétit!

We taste-tested cricket treats, which turned out downright yummy—and ridiculously good for sustainability and health. Before you go eww, consider this: It takes ten pounds of feed to raise just one pound of beef; the same amount can feed can produce eight pounds of crickets. Bugs are full of protein and in nutrients including iron, calcium and vitamin B12.

Rancho Gordo Moro beans Never Bean Better

Through the humble bean, Steve Sando of California-based Rancho Gordo is doing something for genetic diversity and local tradition. He's out to save heirloom varieties indigenous to the New World and near extinction.

Burgerfi.thumbnail.4k95e BurgerFi

The BurgerFi nationwide fast food chain set up shop on the Upper East Side to bring New Yorkers a more natural version of the classic American greasy spoon. Full Review »

Dr Mark Hyman What Hippocrates Said

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We were reminded of that wise Greek guy when we talked to Dr. Mark Hyman, a modern-day Hippocrates. The author of seven New York Times #1 bestsellers, Hyman heals with food. He pioneers Functional Medicine, which targets the roots of chronic disease by balancing the body system rather than Band-Aid the symptoms.

Further product shot Further the Cause

We first discovered Further Products hand soap at a Clean Plates-approved restaurant, the same type of establishment from where L.A.-based founders Marshall and Megan Dostal source the discarded vegetable oil they use to make their line of hand soaps, dish soaps and candles.

Black Magic kombucha cocktail Mix it Up

Research has shown that kombucha may help immunity and digestion. A new study has even linked probiotics to improved thinking and emotion. So we came up with kombucha cocktails.

Web_BlueHillYogurt_4flavorswithvegetables_BenAlsop Eat Your Veggies

It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s everything you could ever want. (In a yogurt.) We love this new line of vegetable yogurts created by chef Dan Barber and his team at New York’s Blue Hill restaurants and made from hormone-free, grass-fed milk from Blue Hill’s own farm and other small farms in the Northeast.

shauna_and_danny_CCcrop Food is Love

Cookbook author and blogger Shauna James Ahern, also known as Gluten-Free Girl, shares with us her love story and most romantic recipe. This quiche is perfect for Valentine's Day, or everyday.

rice from Gluten Free Girl SMALL Brown Rice Quiche with Chicken, Kale, and Preserved Lemons

This quiche features a brown rice crust that's easy, gluten-free—and delicious. Though the recipe calls for brown rice, you can use any leftover cooked rice you have on hand. The protein from the chicken and brightness from the preserved lemon make this a satisfying meal-in-a-dish.

babygranola Dear Clean Plates: Are Granola Bars to Blame for My Bloat?

Are granola bars to blame for your bloat? A particular "high-fiber" product additive might make your on-the-go snack guilty as charged. Find out what it is here.

7184765236_33433bb840_z Spring Cleansing: Rouge Tomate's Green Tornado

Ready for spring cleaning? Try this delicious green juice (it can be made in a blender or a juicer), from Clean Plates-approved restaurant Rouge Tomate.

BackFortyWest Comfort Food Makeover: Casserole by Back Forty

Does your casserole need a makeover? Toss the canned soup, and try Spaghetti Squash and Farro Casserole from Chef Michael Laarhoven of Clean Plates-approved restaurant Back Forty West.

ChefEricedit Fresh Catch: Eric Ripert's Cayman-Inspired Grilled Halibut

Get a taste of the Caymans with this easy, authentic recipe from Chef Eric Ripert.

magicmix Food Talk: Jil Larsen of Magic Mix Juicery

Magic Mix Juicery founder Jil Larsen used to suffer from melasma, a skin condition that caused dark marks. Since changing her diet, her skin has changed, too. Read what changes she made.

nordicbread Finnish Fare: Nordic Breads

A staple of the Stone Age, a venerated foodstuff of the Vikings: Nordic Breads' whole grain rye bread is a hearty find. Get a taste, plus a sandwich recipe.

Creative_Juice_Lineup_01_RGB-LowRes On Our Radar: Creative Juice Café

Get five powerful, pain-relieving ingredients to add to your juicing repertoire, from the newly opened Creative Juice Café.

Untitled Nossa Mesa: Louro’s Monday Night Supper Club

Get the inside scoop on a new Monday night supper club from Chef David Santos.

Hu Kitchen Going (Modern) Paleo with Hu Kitchen's Jordan Brown

Should you be eating like a Stone Ager? Jordan Brown, the owner of Manhattan's Paleo diet-inspired Hu Kitchen, explains why cooking old, old school could be a great new idea.