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Doggone Good

The mystery meat nature of most hot dogs skeeve us out. And fakey substances that pose as the real thing? We’ll take a pass, thank you very much. But then Marina Benedetto’s vegan Yeah Dawg!!! came along and blew all of our pre-conceived notions awa. Benedetto’s Brooklyn-based company specializes in soy-, gluten- and chemical-free organic hot dogs [...]

Dig-inn-seasonal-market-2.thumbnail.4by6e Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Founder Adam Eskin has revamped his body-building-protein-shake-90’s-approach of The Pump to focus on quality sourcing, seasonal ingredients and excellent taste at Dig Inn. Full Review »

Burgerfi.thumbnail.4k95e BurgerFi

The BurgerFi nationwide fast food chain set up shop on the Upper East Side to bring New Yorkers a more natural version of the classic American greasy spoon. Full Review »