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Blue Cow Kitchen

Upscale farm-to-table haven


A pricey ($30-60) new american restaurant with organic meat, flexitarian, vegetarian, & vegan options in (Downtown)

Mon-Fri: 11:30am-10pm Sat: 5pm-10pm

213 621-2249


350 S Grand Ave.

Review By Natasha Bakody

Blue Cow Kitchen is nestled among high rise buildings, busy streets, and a fountain filled with frolicking children.  This upscale restaurant serves sandwiches, snacks, salads and entrees that showcase local farming and artisan products, and the principles of sustainability are their number one priority.  Well that, and serving delicious meals.

The duck wings illustrate their unique take on everyday dishes. Confit then grilled with an aji amarillo glaze—this dish is spicy!  There’s less meat on the wing than with chicken wings, but with the sesame-ginger dipping sauce, decadence is what you’ll be tasting.  Their house-made potato and carrot chips are perfectly salted with both crispy and chewy textures, and we loved the rustic paper bag serving container. Their crunchy, blistered green beans are served with a slightly spicy, chili-infused dashi vinaigrette and made for a fun veggie starter.

They consider themselves to be a sandwich shop, and their inventive sandwiches didn’t disappoint. The lamb lavash is three mini tacos with yogurt, potato, red roasted peppers and ground lamb kefta in every bite, and cucumber added a crunch to break up the otherwise homogeneous texture. A house-made Mediterranean flatbread held it all together.

Their french onion short rib dip is a more recognizable sandwich. The braised short rib and gruyere were delicious, but the star of the dish was the outstanding Dolce Forno soft roll.  The buttery, flaky bread will have you returning for more.

For vegetarians, their curried cauliflower is filling and unique. Served with a house-made naan, this Singaporean style curry made the vegetarian selection worth drooling over.

The ambience, exceptionally knowledgeable and kind staff, and fantastic fare make this sandwich shop a spot you’ll want to frequent.  If you prefer your sandwiches with a view, make reservations and go at night to marvel at the breathtaking scenery.