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Dig Inn Seasonal Market

F.K.A. The Pump


A cheap (under $10) american / juice bar restaurant with organic meat, flexitarian, & vegetarian options in (5th & 6th Ave) (West 50's (Midtown)) with delivery & fast food offerings.

Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm Sat: 11am-8pm Sun: 11am-9pm



40 W. 55th St.

(5th & 6th Ave)

Review By Chelsea Grant

Quality sourcing, seasonal ingredients and tasty food are the focus at Dig Inn. No surprise, then, that most days the line’s out the door during the lunch rush (it moves quickly).

Diners can choose from sandwiches, salads or “market plates” with hormone- and antibiotic-free proteins served with two sides and a bed of greens.

Raw, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and shakes are made to order with chia seed, flax seed, SunWarrior vegan protein or soy milk enhancements. We like the pineapple coconut smoothie with extra basil—but hold the agave to avoid the cloying sweetness.

Dig Inn’s customizable menu offers carnivorous options, while vegetarians can fill up on organic tofu and protein-rich quinoa and everyone can benefit from a veggie overload with the sides. With locations throughout the city, delivery available and economical prices, Dig Inn gives every New Yorker access to a healthy and satisfying meal.


Must try: the all-natural shredded Pineland beef shoulder, braised to perfection in oregano and appealingly astringent red wine vinegar.

Seasonal specials here are standouts, like a mayo-free wild salmon salad with moist, miso-marinated salmon, diced cucumbers and sweet red bell peppers.