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Sourced from own farm in Oak Hill, NY


An affordable ($11-30) american / southern restaurant with organic meat, flexitarian, & slow food options in at Berry St. (Williamsburg - North Side) with brunch offerings.

Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm



109 N. 3rd St.

at Berry St.


Egg is always busy. Therefore, Egg must be pretty good. And it is.

The grilled cheddar cheese on crunchy whole wheat is griddled and delicious. Salad with mesclun, beets, pecans and a grapefruit vinaigrette, is exactly what it sounds like: bountiful and tasty. The sautéed kale is excellent—firm, juicy, flavorful: kale at its best.

Partly responsible for Egg’s success is its active role in the community. Egg’s owners host dinners to raise money for local organization focusing on food and farming. Egg even has its own upstate farm where it grows some of what it puts on its tables.

The restaurant itself is a neighborhood establishment, with families and hipsters convening in pursuit of a comforting meal, good conversation and a chance to feel like part of something bigger than themselves. And if you stick to the simple, seasonal menu items, that is exactly what you will get.


It’s always breakfast time: Breakfast is served here all day, every day, until 5 p.m. when Egg closes.

Egg sources from its own farm in upstate New York.

Take a taste of Egg home with provisions like ground cherry jam, homemade granola and single-origin whole bean coffee.