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Palo Santo Restaurant and Wine Bar

Latin locavore w/ rooftop garden


A pricey ($30-60) latin american restaurant with organic meat, flexitarian, & vegetarian options in (4th & 5th Ave.) (Park Slope) with brunch & date night offerings.

Mon-Thu: 6pm-10:30pm Fri: 6pm-11pm Sat: 10am-3pm, 5pm-11pm Sun: 10am-3pm, 5pm-10:30pm



652 Union St.

(4th & 5th Ave.)


Before any of Jacques Gautier’s Latin American market cooking hits your lips, simply mouthing words from his menu is delicious: Asopado de Mariscos. Cazuela de Hongos.

Palo Santo occupies the ground floor of a brownstone in Park Slope, where the menu changes daily. Mellow Caribbean music, exposed brick walls and a garden where fresh herbs grow wild complete the down-to- earth vibe.

There is something lighthearted about Gautier’s cuisine, both in presentation and flavor. Pork tacos are hard to resist when you learn every tortilla is made to order. Stuffed with succulent pork, guacamole and crisp sliced radish, these tacos are playfully served on a skewer. Pan roasted bluefish topped with salsa verde arrived on a bright green stripe of banana leaf. A superlative grass-fed skirt steak comes artfully topped with garlic scapes—some stretching over a foot in length.

At Palo Santo there are no precise rules or recipes—only passionate cooking from the heart.


Palo Santo’s rooftop is home to a small-scale urban farm where vegetables are grown and organic waste is composted. Fresh herbs and evergreens grow in the small back garden where customers dine when the weather is warm.

Paintings by local artists adorn the walls here, demonstrating that Palo Santo really is a community hub.