Clean Plates Featured in “Top 10 Food Apps for Conscientious Eaters”

So you know what you're eating, on the go

The Clean Plates app is perfect for healthy eating on the go
NerdWallet loves the Clean Plates app and you should too!

Updated Jul 11, 2017 @ 9:45 am

NerdWallet published its “Top 10 Food Apps for Conscientious Eaters” this week, and the Clean Plates iPhone App made the list! Here’s a sneak peek:

My favorite part of traveling is the food. Actually, I take that back. My favorite part of the day is food. But not all food is created equal, unfortunately. Here’s a guide of the best apps to discover the dirty secrets of what you’re putting in your mouth. But be careful. After using these apps, you may not want to eat that hot dog you’ve been craving since breakfast…

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Have you downloaded the Clean Plates App? It’s easy and free. Click here.

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