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Go to the Mountain—or at least Brooklyn—for a day of wellness

Seasonal and local foods at Mountain
Great tasting, wholesome food and drink at NYC's new wellness utopia, Mountain. (Photos courtesy of MVarenwald-Roman Numerals)

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 10:52 am

If Mountain were a beauty product, it would be a 10-in-1.

This Brooklyn spot has all of your wildest wellness dreams: A clinic featuring acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathic treatments; a classroom that instructs on everything from Capoeira to mindful eating; $11 yoga classes (are we still in NYC?) and a café that bursts with seasonal and local foods.

This utopian spot is the brainchild of Justine Lynch and Tom McCauley. For the two, Mountain was a lifetime in the making. Tom spent 25 years as a chef, while Justine worked on the service side of things. More recently, they both became acupuncturists. Justine says, “Tom and I conceived of a space that could cross pollinate via different windows of ecology, creativity and health—a place where healing and food meet.”

The food at Mountain is nourishing and revitalizing, as only a chef-turned-acupuncturist could dream up.

You can go for brunch, which includes an entrée (such as local eggs with kale, polenta and za’atar or pancakes with pomegranate syrup), tea or coffee, cold-pressed juice and a baked good ($17), then stay for community acupuncture on a sliding scale fee.

The food here is served sans dogma. There are cold-pressed juices and tonics, vegan and gluten-free options, as well as meatier options like a chicken salad with Ithaca Milk yogurt, celery and local greens ($9). There are even plans in place to keep bees and chickens on the roof.

If Crown Heights isn’t your usual stomping grounds, consider a rejuvenating day trip to Mountain, the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden—all just a few short blocks from each other. And if you live nearby, your delivery options just got a major upgrade, as Grub Hub, Seamless and Caviar now all deliver Mountain’s food.

903 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn