The Lazy Person’s Guide to Eating More Vegetables

Eating more vegetables

Updated Aug 11, 2019 @ 1:15 am

Sometimes it feels like everyone but your grandma is telling you to eat more vegetables (oh wait, Grandma says that, too). And you know you should. They’re so good for you, full of nutrients, give you energy, fight disease, yadda yadda yadda. The fact is, it’s all you can do sometimes to get yourself fed at all, forget about planning meals, shopping, prepping, cooking, doing dishes.

Good news: There are some low effort ways to get some more veggies in your belly without disrupting your already super-busy life. Here are some ways to get started.

1. Let someone else do the work.

No, we don’t mean a private chef (we can’t afford that, either). Our secret weapon is the next best thing: Daily Harvest. With an enticing selection of chef-crafted ready-to-blend smoothies, harvest bowls, soups and more, all ready in minutes or less with little or no prep, Daily Harvest can have you reaching your veggie quota on the regular. You get a fantastic variety of vegetables, too. We’re obsessed with options like the Black Sesame + Banana Smoothie, which has spinach and zucchini in it and the Carrot + Chia Smoothie, with carrots and sweet potatoes.

2. Dedicate one meal a day to vegetables.

Having one meal every day that’s all plants is a sure-fire way to incorporate more greens (and reds, yellows, etc.). First, once you get in the routine of making sure one meal is all about the veggies, you don’t have to think too much about eating your vegetables becoming a daily habit. We think one of the easiest —and tastiest — ways to do it is with a harvest bowl from Daily Harvest. No matter what you’re craving, there’s a bowl to match it. Have a taste for creamy herby risotto? The Cauliflower Rice + Pesto will totally satisfy. And when you’re in the mood for something hearty and spicy, the Quinoa + Chipotle doesn’t disappoint. With any of their harvest bowls, all you have to do is heat it up and dig in.

3. Incorporate vegetables into treats.

Sometimes you just need a sweet treat — we’re right there with you. Back away from the sugary stuff and grab a Daily Harvest smoothie. Not only do they scratch that itch for a treat, they also get you a shot of vegetables at the same time. The Cacao + Avocado smoothie tastes like chocolate pudding (the zucchini in there just makes it creamier), and you’ll swear the Chai + Coconut is actually one of those frosty drinks from a fancy coffee place — but it has cauliflower and zucchini for a nutrient boost and it’s right in your freezer.

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