3 Low Sugar Ketchups That Actually Taste Like You Know Who

Low-sugar ketchups

Updated Jul 23, 2019 @ 5:01 pm

Beth Lipton is a writer and certified health coach. She is a contributing editor at Clean Plates.

Ketchup: It’s hard to imagine life without it. Whether you dip everything in it, can’t imagine a burger without it, or use it as a base for your fancy DIY barbecue sauce (respect!), ketchup is one of life’s necessities.

But many of the packaged brands we’ve known forever are laden with sugar and other additives. No, thanks. So we tracked down some tasty bottles that bring the flavor without all the excess sweet stuff.

Primal Kitchen condiments

Primal Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Ketchup

It’s no surprise that Clean Plates Collective member Mark Sisson’s company makes just what we want: A flavorful organic ketchup with just a few ultra-clean ingredients, and zero sweetener.
Buy it: $6 for an 11.3-oz bottle, Primal Kitchen

True Made Foods ketchup

True Made Foods No-Sugar Vegetable Ketchup

It tastes just like regular ketchup, but it’s free of added sweeteners and it sneaks in vegetables: Along with the tomato, it has carrot, butternut squash and spinach. Don’t tell the kids—they’ll never be able to tell the difference.
Buy it: $19 for 3 17-oz bottles, True Made Foods

Elevation ketchup

Elevation No Added Sugar Ketchup

This bottle not only leaves out the sugar, it’s also free of onion and garlic, not so easy to find for allergy sufferers and others on special diets. You get all that ketchupy goodness, worry free.
Buy it: $7 for a 20-oz bottle, Amazon

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