Aveyo Mayo Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Move over avocado toast, try some of this avocado mayonnaise on your bread instead

Mayo with avocado
Avocado mayo? Yes, please.

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 12:13 pm

Ryan Cahill took a post-party conundrum and turned it into a brilliant new product: When he found himself with loads of leftover guacamole, he substituted it for mayonnaise in a potato salad and Avèyo, the avocado mayonnaise, was born.

Unlike so many mayos on the market, Avèyo ($4 for 6 oz. or $12 for three boxes) is made without any GMO ingredients, preservatives, soybean oil, sugar, emulsifiers or gums.

While wonderful avocado oil products have been hitting shelves (we like Chosen Foods avocado oil for high-heat cooking and the neutral-tasting Primal Kitchen Mayo for spreading on sandwiches), this is the first mayonnaise based on the whole avocado fruit rather than just its oil.

Aveyo spread mayo alternative
We’re putting this spread on everything.

As Cahill says, “This is a mayonnaise designed from the avocado up.” He starts with super-ripe California Hass avocados and blends them with vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and lime juice. The result is remarkably creamy and very tangy, but still fairly low in calories per serving (1 tablespoon is about 25 calories).

Avocados’ gloriously healthy fat stands in for the usual eggs and most of the oil, making Avèyo vegan-friendly too.

Avèyo pouches do need to be refrigerated, but they also freeze well. We’re mixing ours with ground turkey for turkey burgers, subbing it for regular mayo in an updated version of deviled eggs and using it as a straight-up dip for raw vegetables (get more recipes here).

If only our parties regularly led to such brilliance.

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