Chai Mookie Spices Things Up, Healthfully

Zest up your tea with Chai Mookie's organic spice blends

Chai Mookie teas offer the highest quality ingredients in their teas.
Spice up your life with these healthful and organic spiced teas. (Photo by: Chai Mookie)

Updated Jul 11, 2017 @ 11:26 am

Chai fans, put Chai Mookie on your radar. The fledgling company offers a variety of chai teas featuring healthful and organic spices from Oregon-based Mountain Rose Herbs; most ingredients are also fair trade. You can purchase the teas online and at select grocery stores, pop-ups, restaurants and cafes, including a veggie stand/coffee shop connected to Rockaway Taco in Rockaway, Queens.

Mookie Teas carries four different blends, ranging from a classic chai spice mix to the “Dirty Mookie,” which builds on the classic recipe with Assam tea and Espresso beans. Founder Martin Fitzpatrick says he’s planning a new summer blend, Summer Sorrel Mookie, inspired by the plethora of Caribbean restaurants in Crown Heights; the recipe will combine Jamaican hibiscus known as sorrel with cloves, ginger, and cinnamon.

Down the road, Fitzpatrick hopes to expand Chai Mookie to offer herbal remedies that focus on seasonal ailments. “There are so many herbs, spices, and roots out there that can help us with our maladies,” he says.

Each flavor of Mookie is ground to order and can be purchased at in 2-oz. ($6), 4-oz. ($10), 8-oz. ($18), and 1-lb ($34) sizes. One ounce makes between 10-12 cups, depending on your preferred strength of tea. Keep checking the website for new locations that carry Mookie.

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Note, an earlier version of this post mistakenly identified the owner of Chai Mookie as Martin Fitzgerald instead of Martin Fitzpatrick. Image courtesy of Chai Mookie.

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