Gold Standard: Brooklyn Bouillon

Make the soup of your dreams with Brooklyn Bouillon's bases

Soup base Brooklyn Bouillon local organic
Brooklyn Bouillon's bases are perfect for your soup-making needs. (Photo: Brooklyn Bouillon)

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 4:14 pm

‘Tis the season for cozy soup, but making homemade stock can simmer away a lot of time. Don’t reach for those salty cubes yet! Foodshed Stock’s Brooklyn Bouillon has a solution that’s free of hydrogenated oil, grain and gluten, with just a tad of sea salt to taste. (Scroll down for a soup recipe.)

Bouillon, from the French verb bouillir (“to boil”), is traditionally defined as a simple broth. Brooklyn Bouillon’s are true to their name: they’re brewed in Kingston, NY, and Sunset Park, Brooklyn, with entirely local ingredients—including 100% certified organic produce from Hudson Valley’s The Farm at Miller’s Crossing, and grass-fed beef and pastured chicken from nearby Grazin’ Angus Acres. Lengthy simmering and the bones’ natural gelatin create deeply concentrated, flavorful, nutrient-rich vegetarian and carnivorous stocks in four varieties.

Stay tuned: Brooklyn Bouillon will be launching Foodshed Stocks CSA at the end of January, for convenient pickup at both Brooklyn’s 61 Local and Manhattan’s Jimmy’s No. 43.  Join and get one monthly, four- to six-serving “recipe box” containing one seasonal recipe, organic produce, beans and legumes, and your choice of meat or veggie stock ($40-$60 per month). Or get bouillon packages right now at Stinky Bklyn, Brooklyn Fare and Forager’s City Grocer, or directly from the farm on Plovgh.

Get a hearty Winter Carrot and Sunchoke Soup recipe here.

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