10 Simple Sheet Pan Dinners Perfect for Fall

Sheet pan dinners
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Updated Sep 29, 2020 @ 11:17 am

By Carrie Havranek

Ah, the magic of the sheet pan dinner. It’s fall, and that means we’ve got a whole new batch of ingredients and flavors to fall in love with all over again—pun intended. (Hello, root veggies!)

Sheet pan dinners make short work of dinnertime—they’re basically shorthand for minimal prep and minimal cleanup, which makes them ideal for weeknights, or even a really busy weekend night. Some of these are super adaptable, like the chicken shawarma, which works with tofu, too, making it vegan. The sheet pan sweet potato hash is all about breakfast for dinner, and therefore calls for bacon, but you can skip it if it’s not your thing. Never had nachos for dinner? The loaded veggie nachos may make you a believer, especially since you can serve them right off the pan to the plate. Or your mouth.

1. Asian Glazed Sheet Pan Salmon and Broccoli from Completely Delicious

Salmon is loaded with omega-3s and is really easy to prepare, especially when you’re cooking it on a sheet pan. Ginger, garlic, sesame oil, along with hoisin and honey (if you’re watching your sugar, skip or reduce the honey by half) provide a great glaze for salmon and broccoli. Serve with rice – or as is.

2. Veggie Sheet Pan Nachos from Two Peas and Their Pod

You might not think about serving nachos for dinner, but alongside a salad or a bowl of rice, they’re hard to beat. And they’re easy to load up with veggies like peppers, corn, tomatoes, radishes, and cabbage. Make it more or less cheesy, depending on preferences. Use grain-free tortilla chips or a no-salt option to customize the nachos to your health preferences.

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3. Baked Chicken Shawarma (Vegan Adaptable!) from Feasting at Home

If you’re got a household of meat eaters and vegetarians, or just want a recipe that can work both ways, this baked shawarma recipe works for chicken and tofu alike. Peppers, cauliflower and onions, along with the protein of your choice, and cooked in the oven with cumin, coriander and turmeric. Serve as a bowl, in a wrap, with an optional tahini sauce, or with rice.

4. One Pan Pork Tenderloin and Vegetables from My Kitchen Love

This is definitely not a boring pork tenderloin dish. It’s dusted with za’atar, the delicious Middle Eastern spice blend that includes sumac, thyme, and sesame seeds.

5. Spicy Thai Sweet Chili Shrimp from Killing Thyme

This sheet pan shrimp is like takeout, but way better—especially if you go with the homemade chili sauce option, which uses honey rather than oodles of corn syrup that a store-bought one would have.

6. Sheet Pan Italian Chicken from Well Plated by Erin

Italian chicken is a crowd-pleaser — the colorful veggies are tossed with olive oil and Italian seasonings and sprinkled with parsley. With a big salad, we can see this one in the rotation on the regular.

7. Sheet Pan Tofu Fajitas from Darn Good Veggies

Everything you want to roll up inside a fajita goes right on the sheet pan and gets nice and toasty—tofu, peppers, onions, all tossed with a marinade made with tamari and spices. From there, it’s straight to the tortilla. Bonus: Try the recipe for homemade corn tortillas!

8. Sheet Pan Marinated Steak Tips with Veggies from Lexi’s Kitchen

Sirloin steak tips get mixed with a balsamic marinade with fresh rosemary, avocado oil, a ton of veggies (yes, potatoes are part of this!) and roasted on one sheet pan for a hearty weeknight meal.

9. Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash

Breakfast for dinner is always a winner, but especially when you can put it all on one pan — including the eggs. It calls for bacon for the full breakfast effect, but feel free to skip it if it’s not your thing to make it vegetarian.

10. Herbed Asparagus, Potato and Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner from Simple Veganista

If you’ve never roasted chickpeas before, you’re in for a treat. They become sweet and nutty, and when tossed with potatoes, asparagus and some dried seasonings, a hearty vegan dinner.

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