5 New Ways to Eat a Cauliflower For Dinner

Photo Credit: Half Baked Harvest

Updated Jun 11, 2020 @ 10:53 pm

By Sheela Prakash

While so many of us have newly fallen in love with cauliflower for being a low-carb sweetheart, that’s just one of many of its selling points. 1 cup of cooked florets contains just 5 grams of carbs, yes, but also only 28 calories, and a whopping 90% of your daily vitamin C needs. And like all vegetables, it’s also a good source of fiber.

For all these reasons, cauliflower can and should be so much more than a side dish on your dinner table. It’s mild flavor means it’s about to take on just about any seasoning you throw at it and be transformed into something that’s completely main dish-worthy.

Here are 5 exciting ways to make cauliflower dinner:

Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower from Half Baked Harvest

If your go-to order at your local Indian restaurant is butter chicken, you’ll want to make this plant-based twist ASAP. Cauliflower soaks up the richly spiced sauce even better than chicken while still leaving plenty to be spooned over rice.

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos from The Modern Proper

Tossing cauliflower florets with taco seasoning and roasting them until charred and tender is a great way to mix up your Taco Tuesday routine. Just don’t forget the avocado and crunchy slaw, of course.

Cauliflower parmesan
Photo Credit: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Cauliflower Parmesan from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Chicken and eggplant Parm are all well and good but after you’ve tried this cauliflower version, don’t be surprised if you have a new favorite. Here, cauliflower is cut into thick, steak-like slices and breaded with seasoned almond flour to also make this dinner gluten-free.

Cauliflower Fried Rice from 40 Aprons

Cauliflower rice may have started as a fad but seeing as it’s readily available in every grocery store these days, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. We’re more than okay with that because it means we can pan-fry it with chicken and vegetables to make a lighter but no less enjoyable version of our favorite Chinese take-out order.

Spicy cauliflower burger
Photo Credit: Pinch of Yum

Spicy Cauliflower Burger from Pinch of Yum

Plenty of Pepperjack cheese is the secret to keeping these veggie burgers from falling apart, so you already know they’re going to be good. The cauliflower is also combined with quinoa, which gives the patties a plant-based protein boost to ensure they’re satisfying.


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