5 Quick & Clean Ways to Cook Chicken Thighs for Dinner

Rosemary chicken thighs
Photo Credit: Eat Whole, Live Fit

Updated Apr 24, 2020 @ 2:04 pm

Juicy, meaty, and affordable, chicken thighs are the family-friendly protein to pair with your weeknight dinners. Ideally, the chicken you buy is organic, making it free of hormones and antibiotics. Look for pastured chicken when you can and if you’re buying it directly from a farmer, ask them any questions you have. Remember, when it comes to sourcing animal proteins, buy the best quality for your budget — and use it as a side to the meal, not the focal point. Choose big flavorful recipes, and fill the rest of your plate with healthy fats and vegetables. These recipes below are a good place to start.

Baked BBQ Chicken Thighs from Craving Tasty

It may not be summer but we’re still craving the bold tangy flavors of BBQ. This quick and clean recipe has everything we love — crispy, caramelized skin with a fall-off-the-bone tender, juicy meat. This recipe has big savory flavor that feels fresh off the grill without the clean up. Be sure to choose a BBQ that’s low in sugar. With the right seasoning and technique — you won’t miss it.

No cream tikka masala
Photo Credit: Spice Cravings

No Cream Tikka Masala from Spice Cravings

Take a quick and clean spin on a takeout favorite with this savory, creamy slow cooker curry. The chicken thighs soak up all the flavors and you get the same rich and creamy taste without using any heavy cream. This meal is easy-to-make and even easier to eat so prep a batch for meal prep and freeze any leftovers.

Rosemary Chicken Thighs from Eat Whole, Live Fit

A little bit of rosemary goes a long way in this simply seasoned chicken thigh recipe. A quick and clean dinner idea that will leave little dishes and a mouth watering aroma around your kitchen. We love this next to a big green salad or chopped up and tucked into a veggie-packed sandwich wrap.

Chicken marsala
Photo Credit: Kim’s Cravings

Paleo Chicken Marsala from Kim’s Cravings

This paleo chicken marsala is so creamy yet dairy-free. Loaded with juicy chicken and a flavorful mushroom sauce, this quick and clean Italian dish will easily become a part of your weekly dinner rotation!

Paleo Kung Pao Chicken from I Heart Umami

This quick and clean Chinese stir fry is crispy, spicy and ready in under 20 minutes. Served over a bed of cauliflower rice, the classic sticky sauce is made with coconut aminos and lots of garlic and ginger. With a bold and clean list of ingredients, it still packs a punch and it better for you than any takeout.


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