Healthier Deviled Egg Recipes

Deviled egg recipes
Photo Credit: Minimalist Baker

Updated Jul 12, 2020 @ 11:49 pm

By Isadora Baum

Classic deviled eggs are delicious. But sometimes you want something a bit lighter than the richness of a mayo-based recipe. When you’re craving something lighter to bring to the BBQ, consider all the clever ways to reinvent deviled eggs with your health in mind. Whether you’re making a classic deviled egg recipe or topping with goat cheese or spicy buffalo sauce, it’ll be an appetizer favorite amongst your friends this summer. Here are 5 recipes you can enjoy as a nutritious snack.

Healthy Deviled Eggs from Sustainable Cooks

These classic deviled eggs are ready in 30 minutes and use Greek yogurt as a topper for a good dose of protein and probiotics to improve your gut health. Go for unsweetened and plain Greek yogurt to keep sugar and carbs low. Add lemon juice for zest if desired.

Goat cheese deviled eggs
Photo Credit: Simply Scratch

Herbed Goat Cheese Deviled Eggs from Simply Scratch

Go with creamy goat cheese for a delicious topping on these lightened deviled eggs. With fresh herbs like parsley and tarragon and some spice, it’s got tons of flavor in each bite. Whip the goat cheese into the yolk before filling the egg whites for that smooth texture. There are 7 grams of protein per two eggs.

Mayo-Free Deviled Eggs from Minimalist Baker

This 30-minute, 10-ingredient dish is mayo-free, so you’re saving a ton of fat in each bite. Plus, there are some great spices and natural sweeteners to boost the flavor, including turmeric, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne. Turmeric and cayenne are excellent for adding some heat and they may even fire up your metabolism too.

Buffalo deviled eggs
Photo Credit: KetoDiet App

Healthy Keto Buffalo Deviled Eggs from KetoDiet App

Keto approved and low in carbs, these buffalo deviled eggs are spicy and comforting, and you can add some crumbled cheese, like blue cheese, on top for more savory flavors. Use free-range or organic eggs to practice sustainability and to get even more nutrition per egg, and try a Sriracha hot chili sauce for that kick.

Healthy Deviled Eggs With Hummus from Give Recipe

Deviled eggs taste great with smooth hummus, which also packs in protein and fiber without sugar and much fat. You can even make it from scratch and add to your own seasonings, like cumin, garlic and turmeric to it, too. This recipe is done in 23 minutes and can last for 24 hours in the fridge for absolute freshness.


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