5 Awesome Whole 30 Breakfasts

Whole30 breakfasts

Updated Mar 23, 2020 @ 4:25 pm

By Isadora Baum

If you’ve ever done a Whole30, you know meal planning can be a challenge. And since traditional a.m. fare like pancakes, oatmeal, grain bowls, and avocado toast are off the menu, breakfast can be especially trying.

Luckily, this eating plan has become so popular, there are tons of resources out there to help you through. We found 5 awesome breakfast options you’ll jump out of bed for, no matter what you’re craving.

P.S.: These breakfasts are so satisfying and delicious, you’ll love them any time, whether you’re Whole30-ing or not.


Savory breakfast salad

A salad for breakfast? For sure—especially when it’s topped with an egg and garnished with berries and sweet potato. You’ll get lots of healthy fats from the avocado, protein from the egg, and fiber from the sweet potatoes—then the creamy cilantro dressing adds some texture to tie it all together and provide even more satiety.


Banana almond chia pudding

This hearty, banana almond chia pudding is perfect for breakfast, as the protein, fiber, and fats from the chia seeds will give your brain a jump-start. Coconut milk makes it super rich and creamy, and sliced toasted almonds on top add crunch.


Banana bread pancakes
OK, so technically you aren’t supposed to have pancakes on Whole 30. We gave these a pass since they’re made simply with banana, eggs and cinnamon–plus, they’re quick and easy, and delicious topped with almond butter (which adds extra protein and good fats, too). Bonus: They’re paleo-friendly, too. If you’re being strict with your Whole 30, save these for after you’re finished.


Bacon sweet potato frittata

Can’t decide between sweet and savory in the morning? No need with this hearty frittata, which combines the two, along with protein- and choline-rich eggs. There’s also a healthy portion of spinach and scallions in here, so it’s a complete meal in one. Bonus: Leftovers make a tasty lunch or dinner on another day.


Sausage hash brown egg bake

Sausage and hash browns are a classic for breakfast—and when you make it into an egg bake and use a brand of sausage without additives, it’s Whole30-compliant, too. And since this recipe was created by two dieticians, you know it’s balanced with plenty of vegetables, too. Don’t care for pork sausage? Feel free to swap in Whole30-approved chicken or turkey sausage instead (or leave it out).

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