The 3 Things I Always Keep in My Kitchen for Healthy Dinners

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Updated Apr 20, 2020 @ 12:09 pm

By Beth Lipton

I develop recipes for a living, so there is almost always a truly weird amalgamation of foods in my kitchen. (Honestly, one of my nightmares is someone coming to do one of those stories where they take a picture of the inside of your fridge and ask you to explain yourself.)

Because of my job, we often make meals out of either my work product (bonus!) or the scraps left over from my work projects (sometimes a challenge).

Still, no matter what story or project I’m working on, there are a few non-negotiables in my kitchen at all times to make sure we can put together a healthy meal, quickly and without hassle.

All the Vegetables

There are always vegetables in my kitchen; I’m never without onions, fresh garlic, carrots, bell peppers, frozen cauliflower rice, and cucumbers. There’s usually also romaine or another leafy green (or a few), avocados, olives, and jars of artichoke hearts and hearts of palm, too. When they’re in season, we have tomatoes (otherwise, sun-dried, packed in olive oil). And there are often fresh herbs (in the summer we grow mint, chives, oregano and thyme on our tiny terrace).

A Carton of Eggs

If you ever visit me on Instagram, you know all about my love affair with eggs. I eat them all. The. Time. Omelets, vegetable scrambles, fried on top of everything. Large, pastured eggs are my jam.


There’s legit a collection of condiments in my kitchen at all times. The standards: Harissa, a few mustards, avocado-oil mayo, Primal Kitchen unsweetened ketchup, sriracha and a few other hot sauces, Red Boat Fish Sauce, coconut aminos, raw honey, maple syrup, various nut butters, oils (coconut, avocado, olive, and toasted sesame), curry paste, Redmond Real Salt and black peppercorns. Those are the basics, along with a generous dried spice collection.

A few more that I pretty much always have around:

  • Canned wild salmon
  • Ground grass-fed beef
  • Frozen shrimp
  • Cheese (Cheddar, Parmesan, and cream cheese—regular and non-dairy)
  • Frozen grain-free pizza crust
  • Canned coconut milk

What do you always have in your kitchen? Tell us.

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