5 Food Freebies

Clean Plates found five freebies that will inspire you to eat cleaner.
The price is right...so grab these foodie freebies that will fortify your healthy diet goals.

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

Whether you’re low on dough or just enjoy a good bargain, it’s fun to get something for nothing. We’ve foraged the web for five freebies that will inspire you to eat cleaner.

  1. An Apple a Day. Roger Ebert called it “a film that could save your life.” If you missed the widely popular documentary Forks Over Knives, now is your chance to watch it at home. We always recommend bio-individuality (there’s no one “right” diet), but it’s inspiring to see how a plant-based diet works for the MDs and patients in this film.
  2. The Kind Diet. Want to be sure your milk is hormone-free, and that the cows who supplied it are treated fairly? With the Certified Humane app, you can locate stores and restaurants in your area selling food from animals with the space, shelter, nutrition and care they need. Plus, foods with the Certified Humane label contain no antibiotics or hormones.
  3. Sweet Relief. Admit it: you sometimes crave sugar. Next time you need a fix, here’s a nutrition-packed treat that will leave you feeling satisfied, rather than empty and craving more. Our Chocolaty Superfoods Smoothie recipe, from the new Clean Plates Cookbook, is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and just the right amount of chocolate.
  4. Spice it Up. Did you know that spices can fire up your health as well as your food? Watch this cooking demo using organic spices, and whip up a rich, vegetable curry flavored with homemade garam masala (we recommend using organic produce, sea salt, and either ghee, coconut or grapeseed oil).
  5. An App a Day. Ever find yourself in a new neighborhood, hungry, tired and wishing for something other than donut shops and cheap burger joints? Recharge the right way with the Clean Plates app, a handy iPhone app that allows you to find the healthiest restaurants nearby (available for NYC, LA and Austin).

Feel free.


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