Best of Clean Plates 2013

Best of Clean Plates 2013
Our top five most popular articles of 2013 are full of useful suggestions about what's good to eat and which foods to avoid.

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

Happy holidays! As our 2013 gift to you, we’ve rounded up your top 5 most-clicked stories of the year (including some great holiday indulgences). Enjoy, and see you in January for a “clean” start to the year!

5. Fatty Foods You Should Eat. 

Does fat make you feel guilty? It shouldn’t! Check out the good-for-you fatty foods you could be eating and enjoying now. Click here.

4. Raw Snack Bars.

Though we’re big proponents of fresh food, sometimes, you want a grab-and-go snack. We chose the top seven healthier snack bars—and almost every one happens to be raw. Click here.

3. Better Breakfasts. 

Tired of the same old, same old every morning? Check out four breakfast alternatives from around the world. Click here.

2. Nine Foods Never to Eat.

You’ve probably heard “all things in moderation,” but there are a few foods that are best avoided altogether. Read Clean Plates founder Jared Koch’s list of nine items not to eat. Click here.

1. Guess that Fruit or Veggie.

See if we can stump you with four international fruits and veggies we bet you won’t recognize. Click here.

Here’s to a new year that’s tops in every way!

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