Clean Plates’ 2013 Gift Guide

2013 Clean Plates holiday gift guide.
The Clean Plates team has tested all of these products and deemed them gift worthy this 2013 holiday season.

Updated Jul 6, 2017 @ 3:35 pm

Looking for the perfect present? Each item in our gift guide comes from one of Clean Plates’ top stories this year. Enjoy!

To tempt Santa… Purely Elizabeth gluten-free chocolate chip cookie mix.

No need to break out the heavy bakeware. With pre-measured organic millet and almond flours, garbanzo bean flour, vegan chocolate chips, chia seeds and coconut sugar, each box of mix yields two dozen cookies. And our in-house nutritional advisor calls them “the best on the market!” Read our story here.

To enjoy with dessert…Sightglass Coffee.

Free of pesticides, toxins and even mold (yes, mass-produced beans may contain mold), boutique coffee roaster Sightglass Coffee offers in-season varieties, so they’re always fresh and delicious. Read our story here.

To sip by the fire… California Tea House toxin-free teas.

With no artificial flavorings or pesticides, California Tea House’s teas are a tea-lover’s dream come true. Our favorites are the antioxidant-rich Pistachio Gelato Green Tea (its white chocolate pieces contain cacao butter, vanilla extract, sugar, macadamia butter, rice milk powder and salt) and caffeine-free Tiramisu (its toffee contains only molasses, butter and cocoa powder). Read our story here.

To stay hydrated all year… Aqua Zinger

Whatever the weather, we can all benefit from staying hydrated—and swapping sugary drinks for more water, especially in dry, heated offices. Help someone make it easy and tasty with the Aqua Zinger, a stainless steel and BPA-free thermos that pulverizes fresh fruit, and instantly infuses it to create no-calorie flavored waters. Read our story here.

To celebrate the season(ing)…Salt Sisters.
Introduce a loved one to nutrient-rich, unrefined salts with a gift set. Let them discover French Sel Gris, Black Truffle Salt, or perhaps exotic Hawaiian red sea salt! Read our story here.

To make a great meal… The Clean Plates Cookbook.

Endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Donna Karan and author Mark Hyman, MD (among others!), our cookbook is great for everyone who wants to try eating a plant-based diet that’s not necessarily vegetarian. You’ll find everything from Paleo to raw, vegan and gluten-free recipes in the book, plus a wealth of dietary advice from Clean Plates founder Jared Koch. Check it out here.

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