Farm to Table? Try Farm to Baby

A new subscription service brings the locavore movement to babies

Farm to Baby is a baby food delivery service .
Now the youngest New Yorkers can enjoy local produce.

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:10 pm

From soup delivery services to innovative new CSAs, eating seasonal, local food has never been easier. So why should the adults be having all the fun? Now, babies can get in on the action with Farm to Baby, a new small-batch food service that caters to the youngest among us.

Using only locally grown produce from four farmers in New York and New Jersey, Farm to Baby concocts innovative mixtures by hand that may tempt parents to steal a taste. The service will begin taking subscriptions for Williamsburg and Greenpoint on March 1, with plans to begin expansion to South Brooklyn April 1. Once the babies in Brooklyn are taken care of, Farm to Baby will expand to Manhattan.

To join, visit the online store and choose the weekly subscription that’s right for you (eight 10-oz. jars per week for full subscriptions, or half as many for half subscriptions). Select a delivery time window that’s convenient and your baby’s food will arrive in jars made of 100% BPA and phthalate-free reusable glass, packed inside cooled, insulated bags. When you’re done with your order, Farm to Baby will pick up the bags and jars as part of an effort to eliminate waste.

From celery root to Hubbard squash, Farm to Baby has the potential to give the youngest New Yorkers a taste for locally grown produce right from the start. And who knows—maybe your baby’s first food word will be “quince.”