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Turmeric powder and root

Updated Jul 11, 2017 @ 11:34 am

Made and bottled in a New York City kitchen, Temple Turmeric combines eight carefully selected ingredients to produce a delicious drink with intense flavor. The taste is just a lucky byproduct of the healthy ingredients of Temple Turmeric, available in both original and vegan—the latter substitutes agave and cinnamon for honey.

The laundry list of benefits in each bottle is impressive, and at the top of the list is the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric root (the inspiration for the drink itself), believed additionally to help in the prevention of liver diseases and certain cancers. “Literally, your life will be transformed if you drink two bottles a day for a week,” says Daniel Sullivan, Founder of Temple Turmeric. While on a trip studying agriculture in Hawaii, Daniel developed a strong connection with the turmeric crop. “I was magnetically drawn to this root. When I get passionate about something, I go for it,” he said.

Equally as impressive is the company’s efforts to uphold their commitment to sustainability, not only sourcing locally produced organic ingredients, but delivering Temple Turmeric to retailers via messenger bicycle. Rest assured that Temple Turmeric provides high quality with a low carbon footprint.

Clean Plates: What specific benefits does an “alive juice” have over other juices?

Daniel: For the most part, beverages are pasteurized, which kills bacteria that can cause botulism and extend shelf life. But it also kills the healing enzymes that are responsible for metabolic activity. The curcumin is what improves mental clarity and reduced inflammation. It’s what makes you feel lighter in your step. It’s really energizing and fat metabolizing.

Clean Plates: How much is too much? Can I drink three bottles a day?

Daniel: You can’t overdose on it, but most importantly, listen to your body. These are food based herbs.

Isa: If you’re on a blood thinner you’ll want to check with your doctor as turmeric has natural blood thinning properties. Also in very large amounts, it is a uterine stimulant.

Clean Plates: Since you started, have you noticed any changes in your own health/well-being?

Daniel: I can’t even imagine life without turmeric. It’s really empowering. Inflammation is the precursor to every modern day ailment. This helps you sustain a longer, healthier lifestyle. I had digestive challenges which were resolved. I used to take so many pills for acid reflux which were doing more damage.

Isa: I had liver and gall bladder problems. I felt the benefits immediately.

Clean Plates: How often do you drink Tumeric? Do you prefer regular or vegan?

Daniel: I drink a full 12 oz bottle a day. I like them both the same. It’s like telling someone which of your children you like better.

Isa: Diabetics who are concerned about blood sugar and vegans can go for the second option sweetened with cinnamon and agave. But the raw honey in the original is so rich in enzymes.

Clean Plates: How important is sustainability to you?

Daniel: We try to source as locally as we can which is one of the most important aspects of sustainability. One of the most important things as a people is to support local food, businesses and production.

Clean Plates: What is a success you’re most proud of?

Daniel: We’re one of the fastest growing local companies in Whole Foods in NYC. One thing that satisfies me is that each bottle sold is a reflection of income for all the stores in New York. We are in about 140 stores, not gas stations, but local mom and pop stores. Every bottle sold is more money in NYC’s pocket. The ability to gainfully employ someone is a fantastic effect of having a business. One of the funniest things is opening new stores and people are grabbing it out of our hands as you’re putting it on the selves.

Isa: People come every day to say they love it, so I’ve been having people fill out this love card for our kitchen so they feel the appreciation.

Clean Plates: Where do you see the company in the future? Plans to expand?

Daniel: We want to do a skin care line and a whole spectrum of other therapeutic products. We’re going to buy a turmeric farm and we are planning to do this same concept out in San Francisco. We want to serve as many people as we can and take it cross country. There’s something in it for everyone. With formulas and flavors, we say to ourselves, “how can these ingredients effectively change your health and improve your life?” That is our foundation for moving forward.

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