These Kitchen Appliances Are Guaranteed To Save You $$$ In 2020

Kitchen appliances

Updated Mar 23, 2020 @ 4:50 pm

By Gretchen Lidicker

Eating at home is, arguably, the best way to take care of yourself. When you make your meals, snacks and drinks yourself, you know exactly what’s going in them and you can better control portions. It’s also a great way to save money.

That said, cooking from home can feel like a drag, especially if we don’t have all the tools we need.

That’s where these kitchen appliances come in. These products will make preparing healthy food at home a whole lot easier — which means more home cooked meals, a healthier diet, and way more money in your savings account.

Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven ($25.88)

Ever have those evenings when you’re so hungry you just can’t wait for your oven to preheat? Me too. Enter: This very inexpensive and compact toaster oven. It’s perfect for baking a sweet potato, a piece of fish, or another small meal. It preheats in minutes, so it will help you avoid eating cereal for dinner, or turning to that stack of takeout menus in your apartment.

SodaStream Fizzi ($69.83)

If you’re like me and you’re addicted to Pellegrino and Spindrift, a SodaSteam is your new best friend. It makes delicious, refreshing sparkling water in about 5 seconds. You can also make your own sparkling water drinks. For example, try adding a few dropperfuls or ginger extract for a sugar-free homemade ginger ale; or, squeeze a little bit of real fruit to flavor to make things a little more interesting. Opting for sparkling water is a great way to reduce your intake of soda, which is one of the biggest causes of weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 (3 Quart) ($79.95)

Instant Pots are all the rage. And for good reason! They make cooking healthy insanely easy and convenient. You can make nourishing home-cooked meals in less than 30 minutes. Not to mention, you can also use this appliance to make homemade yogurt and bone broth; two foods that can be very expensive to buy from the store or a cafe if they’re apart of your regular rotation.

Illy Y3.2 iperEspresso Espresso & Coffee Machine ($149)

If you love your morning espresso, you may think you’re destined to visit your neighborhood coffee shop and pay $5-plus dollars for a latte every morning. But espresso machines have gotten a lot more affordable—and a lot smaller, too. This one from Illy would fit in even the smallest of kitchens (or an office!) and will churn out delicious espresso drinks all day for way cheaper than the ones you’d get in a coffee shop. Just get a handheld milk foamer and wave goodbye to your barista.

Making home-cooking a priority is easier said than done, which is why investing in the right appliances can make a world of difference. So try one, a few, or all of these appliances and observe just how much they save you in the long-run.

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