High Quality Organic Turkey Delivered to Your Door for Thanksgiving

Have a healthier and more sustainable Thanksgiving dinner

Organic turkey
Try a high quality organic turkey this Thanksgiving.

Updated Jul 11, 2017 @ 11:34 am

No matter how committed you are to high quality, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, you tend to draw the line at the venerable (and heavy) Thanksgiving turkey. You can have a healthier (and more sustainable) organic turkey shipped to you in time for the holiday, but you will have to move quickly as most farms are shipping out their birds on November 17-18 to ensure you will get your turkey before Thanksgiving.

One of the best options for online turkey hunters is Good Earth Farms, a small farm in Wisconsin that has incredibly low shipping costs ($25) and affordable free-range turkeys (at $3.99/pound). These birds were slaughtered just over a month ago and frozen, but you still have time to order at goodearthfarms.com or by calling 888-941-4343.

Fresh turkeys can be expensive to ship, but there are a few options for direct-to-the-door poultry. A great fresh turkey is available through Kristina’s Natural Ranch in Fresno, CA, which sells Mary’s Turkeys at a fraction of the cost of many local turkey farms. Free-range turkeys are less than $4/pound, organic turkeys start around $5/pound and heritage turkeys cost approximately $9/pound. Expect to pay $100 additional to ship a 16-pound bird (including packing materials). Buy online at kristinastoyou.com or by calling 559-224-2222.

Amazon.com continues its dominance of the online marketplace by offering up two separate hormone-free turkey options: The first, from Branigan’s Farm, is a fresh turkey priced under $9/pound, but with the higher cross-country shipping cost. The second turkey is a frozen option, currently in stock, from Nature’s Prime Organic Foods. Unfortunately, this bird is only available as part of a package that includes 4 quarts of chowder. The price, including shipping and the soup, costs approximately $13/pound.

Fresh Direct is also selling a heritage turkey from Epicurean Farms that runs a bit on the small size but is priced at only $7.99/pound.  Fresh Direct also offers several hormone- and antibiotic-free turkeys along with a Kosher option that are not free range birds; this mass-produced offering reflects the lower price that keeps them competitive in the marketplace. If you choose to go with Fresh Direct, try to get one of the Epicurean Farms turkeys that will probably sell out in the next week or so but can be delivered anytime between now and November 24.

Local to New York City, another great sustainable option for to-your-door shipped turkey comes from Heritage Farms, where their pasture-raised, hormone-free heritage turkeys start around $7/pound and shipping is $45. Call 718-389-0985 or online at heritagefoodsusa.com. They will ship your fresh turkey on November 22nd.

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