Mashup: Adam Platt’s Top 101 NYC Restaurants + Clean Plates

Showing that healthy eats hold up in NYC's bustling restaurant scene

Clean Plates Restaurants in 101 Best NYC Restaurants list for 2011.
These restaurants in NYC that made the list have a bonus Clean Plates seal of approval.

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:27 am

We took a fine toothed fork through Adam Platt’s 101 Best NYC Restaurants list for 2011 in New York magazine. Below, a list of the fortunate dining establishments that both made Platt’s list and have the added bonus of a Clean Plates seal of approval. It just goes to show that eating healthfully doesn’t mean sacrificing taste!

Drumroll please…

Listed in order of Platt’s ranking

#1 Eleven Madison Park

#5 Craft

#6 Gramercy Tavern

#14 Minetta Tavern

#16 ABC Kitchen

#20 Del Posto

#21 Gotham Bar & Grill

#30 Maialino

#37 The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

#40 Eataly

#41 Babbo

#42 Blue Hill

#70 The Standard Grill

#76 Lupa

#85 Takashi

#92 Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

#95 The Waverly Inn

Bon appetit!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Numb Photo.