Bareburger Expands in East Village, UES and Queens

With options for meat lovers and vegans alike, NYC-based Bareburger can't stop expanding

Bareburger is rapidly expanding throughout NYC.
Bareburger is popular among carnivores and herbivores alike. (Photo by: Bareburger)

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 12:51 pm

Bareburger is spreading like rapid fire.

The NYC-based chain, which is Clean Plates approved and has options for meat lovers and vegans alike, is rapidly growing its footprint on the city, thanks to its recent expansion in the East Village and a new Upper East Side location scheduled to open tomorrow. Additional locations in Queens are also in the works; when they open, Bareburger will have nearly as many locations (10) as it does burger varieties (that would be 12).

The restaurant has a devoted following, thanks to its delicious burgers made with high quality ingredients from local artisans and sustainable farmers. Meat eaters can choose from a range of organic meats, from classic beef and turkey to more exotic ostrich, elk and wild boar; vegans can decide between a nut- and dairy-free veggie burger and a Portabello burger, and those with gluten allergies can enjoy their selections on gluten-free buns.

Voted #2 Burger in all of NYC in Zagat 2011, Bareburger is also recommended in the 2012 Michelin Guide. For a complete list of locations, go to

Image courtesy of Bareburger.

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