Barneys Gets Fresh

Kale salad from Freds at Barneys New York
This kale salad delivers a pack of nutrients. How's that for a power lunch?

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 3:01 pm

We love a good power lunch as much as anyone. But the tradition of brokering deals over a gargantuan steak, basket of bread and a midday martini? That’s not how we roll.

So we’re thrilled that one of Beverly Hills’s most beloved power lunch spots, the restaurant at Barneys New York, has hit the “refresh” button on lunchtime luxury. Formerly Barney Greengrass, it’s been reimagined as Freds, and the decadent, deli-style menu of caviar blinis and pastrami reubens has given way to farmers’ market salads and pressed juices.

The chef responsible for the transformation is Mark Strausman, a New Yorker with a farm-to-table philosophy and Italian background who oversees Barneys restaurants nationally. He’s having a field day sourcing organic produce from local family farms.

The restaurant at Barneys, Freds
Freds serves up lunch with a view.

Salads promise a wealth of fruits and vegetables, including a kale salad ($22) loaded with raw celery, carrots, fennel, beets and zucchini in blood orange and mustard dressing. The penne (gluten-free upon request) with vegan “bolognese” ($24) boasts a dozen vegetables slowly simmered in tomato sauce.

For heartier appetites, there’s a grass-fed beef burger ($22.50), an organic omelette of the day ($21) and a heavenly citrus-rosemary chicken breast ($24) served with a tangle of arugula. “Estelle’s chicken soup” ($12), a recipe passed down from Strausman’s grandmother, has a rich bone broth base infused with onions and herbs—a cure-all for whatever’s ailing you.

And—despite the Tinseltown crowd—if you hear someone at the next table talking about “Orange is the New Black,” it’s probably the orange-carrot juice with ginger and turmeric.

Freds at Barneys New York
9570 Wilshire Boulevard, 5th Floor, Beverly Hills