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NYC food truck Snowday
Everyday should be a Snowday!

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 4:05 pm

When it comes to food trucks, we feel like we’ve seen (and eaten) it all.

But the farm-driven food with a big helping of social justice that we found at the new Snowday truck? Even we had to admit; we’d never seen that on the menu before.

Jordyn Lexton and her social enterprise venture, Drive Change, are behind Snowday. The truck’s mission is to not only serve delicious “farm-to-truck” food, but also to hire, train and empower formerly-incarcerated youth, allowing them to live crime-free futures full of opportunity.

In three years spent teaching at Rikers Island’s East River Academy high, Lexton says that, “Even in a devastating environment, a sense of self-esteem and pride came through in the one culinary arts class that was offered.” She went on to glean wisdom from the likes of the Kimchi Taco Truck and a Union Square Hospitality Group training course, before launching Drive Change.
Now Drive Change’s first truck, Snowday, is rolling around town serving a menu based around pure New York State maple syrup, and one very sweet back story. We’re particularly ga-ga for the quinoa salad with a maple-Dijon dressing ($6) and the grilled cheese made with local sharp cheddar, sourdough bread and a swoop of maple syrup ($6).

Time to hit the streets. See what’s on their menu here.

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