Smorgasburg: Eating Clean at this Foodie Wonderland

This weekly Brooklyn pop-up has plenty to healthy food options

Healthy and delicious options offered at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Try healthier items while wandering through Smorgasburg. (Photo by: Brooklyn Flea)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:43 am

Smorgasburg is an artisanal food fantasy land sprung to life on the Williamsburg waterfront: each Saturday, rain or shine, about 100 local vendors sell freshly prepared foods, local produce and foodstuffs, and even kitchen-related tools and accoutrements. It’s difficult to decide where to begin the feast.

While the Fried Anchovies and Caesar Salad on a Stick sound intriguing—is there anything that hasn’t been put on a stick at this point?—we’ve also found some equally delicious yet healthier options to try while wandering through the Smorgasburg wonderland.

Lunch on This

Uttapam & Co.
These vegetarian, gluten-free Indian dosas and uttapams are stuffed with local ingredients, none of which travel further than 250 miles to reach your prying fingers. Some even come from other Smorgasburg vendors like Brooklyn Grange and Barry’s Tempeh.

Bombay Sandwich Co.
With menu items like the Blueberry Sprout Salad and a Kale and Quinoa Sandwich, this unusual sandwich company had to make the list. Using locally and organically sourced ingredients whenever possible, their chutneys turn an average sandwich into something to blog about. They also offer tempting gluten-free platters.

Snack on This

This brother-sister duo is popping some crisp, incredibly fresh, GMO-free popcorn. They use a variety of hull-less corn (which means less stuck in the teeth and an easier trip through the digestive system), then flavor it simply with olive oil and herbs.

Indulge in This

Rob & Anna’s
Rob & Anna’s — say it out loud — get it? And that’s exactly what they make: raw bananas transformed into the form of frozen yogurt. No dairy, no soy, no added sugars, no added anything, just bananas; well, unless you want to top off your treat with some date-sweetened local raspberry sauce.

And to drink…

This Clean Plates-approved restaurant in Midwood cools down hundreds of Smorgusburg noshers with their refreshing organic juices.

Brooklyn Soda Works
The name is somewhat deceiving: These thirst quenchers are closer to sparkling juice than soda. The fizzy treats are made without syrups or fruit juice concentrate; instead they’re full of fresh, local-whenever-possible fruits, herbs and veggies. Some of the flavors do have added sugar, so don’t hesitate to ask for the sugar-free varieties.

What’s your favorite food at Smorgusburg? Any vendors you love and wish we’d write about? Comment and let us know!

On the Williamsburg waterfront between North 6th and North 7th St., at the East River Saturdays, rain or shine, 11:00am to 6:00pm.

Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Flea.

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