Coco Cafe: Caffeination Meets Hydration

This new Venice company blends espresso with coconut water

Coco Cafe coconut water coffee
Coconut water brings out coffee's natural bright flavors

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 10:55 am

One morning, Angeleno Elan Eifer made espresso with coconut water before a painfully early yoga class. He and his roommate, Brian McCaslin, started thinking about the multitudes of wellness seekers around the city clutching tetra paks of coconut water, not to mention the rabbit-like proliferation of coffee shops. Soon, they realized they had an idea for a new business on their hands, and Coco Cafe was born.

The ingredient list is blessedly brief: coconut water, 2% milk, a shot of organic Fair Trade espresso, organic evaporated cane juice, carrageenan and natural flavor. Not bad. And while caffeine causes dehydration, the coconut water contains natural electrolytes; the goal in combining the two is to achieve the perfect balance of energy and hydration. In other words, no more post-coffee thirst.

I was concerned that, though the idea for Coco Cafe seemed clever, the execution might be sickly sweet or weirdly vegetal. Luckily, my fears were unfounded — turns out the natural sweetness of the coconut water blends perfectly, and the coconut water brings out the coffee’s bright notes; the final product has both sweetness and depth, with a purity of flavors.

Whole Foods Market snapped the product up and began stocking it on shelves right after the company launched. You can find Coco Cafe at Whole Foods locations nationwide, as well as in health food stores and corner markets across L.A.—it’s worth seeking out.

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