Coffee Talk: Gingersnap’s Organic

This East Village gem has all your vegan coffee needs

Vegan organic coffee Gingersnap's
Gingersnap's Coffee brings a vegan, organic update to your local java joint. (Image courtesy of Gingersnap's Coffee)

There’s something brewing in the East Village. It can wake you in the morning, get you through a late night…and it goes with raw pizza. It’s vegan coffee, and it’s new to raw gourmet café Gingersnap’s OrganicWe caught up with Gingersnap’s owner Jamie Graber to get the buzz:

Q: Isn’t all coffee vegan?

A: Yes, and we only use direct trade and organic coffee from Crop to Cup. The difference is we also use fresh-made raw organic almond milk.

Q: OK, some of us are kind of used to milk with coffee.  Does almond milk taste as rich?

A: It tastes even better! It’s not the boxed stuff you find in stores. We make it daily from unpasteurized Sicilian almonds.

Q: We love cappuccino. Which milk alternatives make good foam?

A: We were concerned about that too, but our raw almond milk foams well!

Q: Do you use non-traditional sweeteners? Which do you prefer for vegan coffee?

A: We make our own simple syrup out of coconut palm sugar.

Q: If we’re not in the mood for coffee, what else can you offer?

A: We have an assortment of herbal teas with healing properties to rejuvenate, uplift, unwind, purify and be well, as well as chai, maté, oolong and hot cocoa.

Q: We sometimes like a treat with our java. Which Gingersnap’s dessert would you recommend?

A: My favorites at the moment are the donut holes and ganache. Both raw, naturally sweetened, and delicious!

Gingersnap’s Organic
130 E. 7th St. (between 1st Ave. & Avenue A)
(212) 533-9939

Images courtesy of Gingersnap’s Organic, Chandrika Nair, and HealthAliciousNess.