Cold Rush

Pressed Juicery flips the script on dessert logic

Juice as soft-serve
Cold-pressed juices as soft-serve. 'Nuff said.

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:36 pm

Our mom always told us that if we ate our veggies, we could have dessert. But what if we told you that if you ate dessert, you could have your veggies?

Pressed Juicery has totally flipped the script on dessert logic with the introduction of their new Freezes ($5 to $8). Made exclusively of vegetables, fruits and nuts, the Freezes are based on the Juicery’s cold-pressed juice creations, so start wrapping your mind around soft serve that sounds like it’s a seasonal vegetable plate. The Greens Freeze is made with kale, spinach and romaine, while the Roots Freeze has beets, carrots and ginger.

There’s nothing bitter about the veggie-laden Freezes. Their subtle sweetness comes from the dates and coconut meat also in the mix; they contain no refined sugar. And even though there’s not a drop of dairy, the Freezes have a smooth, creamy consistency that suggests otherwise; think fro-yo, minus the “yo.”

Pressed Juicery interior
Get your juice with a twist at Pressed Juicery’s fro-yo style freeze bar.

If you’re looking for more classic dessert flavors, they also offer naturally sweetened twists on favorites like Vanilla (almonds, dates, sea salt, vanilla) and Chocolate (same deal but with cacao), as well as fruit-forward flavors like Citrus (orange, apple, pineapple).

The Freezes’ nutritional profiles are similar to the juices. For example, you’ll get 45 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamins A and C from an 8-ounce Greens Freeze. Toppings like chia and hemp seeds, cinnamon and fresh berries pack a nutritional punch, too. And all the offerings are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Brain freeze time!

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