Dudley Market On Venice’s Boardwalk

Chef Jesse Barber serves grass-fed beef even though it's sand in his restaurant's backyard

Food from Dudley Market
Chef Jesse Barber is all about local ingredients at this Venice Beach spot.

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 12:21 pm

Eating clean on the Venice Beach Boardwalk can be a tall order—and we don’t mean because you’ve got sand between your toes.

If you’re craving something more organic than the greasy pizza stands and beer-soaked grills catering to the tourist throngs, then your task is to find Dudley Market, chef Jesse Barber’s new Boardwalk-adjacent restaurant and marketplace. Hidden at the intersection of a dead-end street and a one-way alley, the eclectic American restaurant is a chic respite for locals looking for sustainably sourced, artfully prepared food.

Products at Dudley Market
Still hungry? Grab some provisions to go.

Barber is just as interested in serving local ingredients as he is in attracting local patrons. Apricot Lane Farms, a biodynamic farm in Moorpark, supplies a good deal of Dudley Market’s produce, pastured lamb and more. Barber sources organic, grass-fed beef from local supplier Premier Meats, and the restaurant’s seafood is either organically farmed or wild-caught from the Pacific Ocean.

From morning through midday, there are comforting dishes like the French omelet with soft shell crab ($18) and eggplant pate on baguette ($12). At dinner, dishes skew more “fine dining” with starters like the carrot snack (carrot puree topped with roasted and fried carrots; $4) and mains like lamb rib chops with polenta ($41) and risotto-style black rice with wild mushrooms ($33). Save room for naturally sweetened desserts like crepes with ice cream, made in-house with omega 3-loaded duck eggs ($9).

Shop the marketplace shelves for healthy provisions such as Solstice Canyon nut butters and Little Branch granola, many of which are—what else?— locally made.

Dudley Market
9 Dudley Ave., Venice

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