Dumpling Delight

The integrity of the dumpling, kept intact.

"We're not into the mystery meat thing." —Hannah Cheng

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 3:47 pm

When it comes to problems, Hannah and Marian Cheng, the sisters behind the new Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings, have the very best kind: They are too busy.

Once you too try their superlative dumplings, you’ll understand why they can barely wrap them fast enough to keep up with demand at their East Village spot.

Dumplings are inherently juicy little pockets of perfection. But when these portable delights get messed around with (sub-par meat, questionable ingredients) they can be the opposite of a healthy choice.

Thank goodness the Cheng’s are on our side, as Hannah says, “We refuse to compromise the integrity of the dumpling.”

At Mimi Cheng’s every dumpling is cooked to order in the open kitchen, whether you choose pan-fried or the healthier boiled option. All of the recipes, including the olive oil-based dipping sauce, are inspired by the sisters’ mother, Mimi.

Founders of Mimi Cheng
Sisters Marian and Hannah Cheng get their inspiration and DELICIOUS secret recipes from their mom, Mimi.

Fillings include pasture-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat from Fleisher’s (says Hannah: “We’re not into the mystery meat thing”) and all organic vegetables. The Mighty Veggie, plumped with organic kale and zucchini, free-range eggs and shiitake mushrooms is a superstar. Meat-eaters can choose from the Mimi Cheng (chicken and zucchini) or the Reinvented Classic (pork, bok choy and cabbage); all dumplings are 6 for $8 or 8 for $10.

In addition to the dumplings, you’ll find a daily choice of fresh market vegetables ($5 each). Recent options include a refreshing cucumber salad, simple pickled cabbage and sautéed broccoli with garlic and olive oil.

Mama knows a good thing when she sees it.

Mimi Cheng’s
179 Second Avenue

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