Celebrate Earth Month with Eco-Friendly Restaurants in the City

These NYC restaurants take eating healthy and sustainably to a new level

List of Eco-Friendly Restaurants in NYC
Clean Plates approved restaurants make the world a better place.

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 10:34 am

While eating local is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, it’s month and beyond, we wanted to spotlight a few Clean Plates-approved restaurants that do even more to make the earth a better place.

From wind power and natural lighting to composting and using biodegradable cutlery, here are five restaurants that not only passed the Clean Plates test confirming they’re healthy and sustainable, they also elevate those two words by mingling them with “eco-friendly,” which makes eating at any one of them that much more delightful.

City Bakery’s eco-friendly little sister in the East Village | 223 1st Ave.
“Birdbath offers breakfast and lunch to-go, serving mostly naturally sweetened baked goods made from unrefined sugar, organic flours and organic ingredients,” says reviewer Chelsea Grant. “Salty, flaky, pretzel croissants are cookies (some are vegan) are favorites.” We also love that this eatery is wind-powered and uses bicycle-rickshaws to make deliveries from their main kitchen.

Community Food & Juice
Eco-friendly comfort fare in Harlem/Columbia | 2893 Broadway
From composting to energy-efficient kitchen equipment, this modern American restaurant is certified by the Green Restaurant Association for its environmentally sound practices. “Water is filtered, and there are a dozen organic or sustainable vino options for those who tipple,” reviewer Alex Van Buren writes. Expect to find organic meat, flexitarian and vegetarian options at this Critic’s Pick.

Rouge Tomate
In-house nutritionist and spa-like decor on the Upper East Side | 10 E. 60th St.
“This split-level restaurant feels like the love child of a celebrity spa and a modern art museum, which we suppose shouldn’t shock us on the Upper East Side,” reviewer Alex Van Buren says. But the fact that “the seductively smooth tables and floors were stamped as eco-friendly by the Forest Stewardship Council, a small triumph of substance over style,” just might. Organic meat and slow food options are available at this Critic’s Pick.

Exotic, veggie and traditional burgers throughout the city | Various locations
With close to 10 locations throughout the city and outer boroughs, getting your eco-friendly burger fix should be as easy as it is delicious. Reviewer Scarlet Lindeman puts it best: “…if you are going for the burger, fries, and shake trinity, then it may as well be at a luscious, organic, eco-conscious restaurant that has low-energy toilets and walls lined with repurposed wood.”