Fijian Voyage

LA's newest pan-Asian restaurant, E.P. & L.P.

Food from E.P. & L.P.
Chef Tikaram blends Fijian flavors with Thai and Vietnamese influences.

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 2:24 pm

Ah, Fiji.

Unreal beaches, lush tropical forests, and ridiculously healthy cuisine. The archipelago’s traditional staples include local seafood, fresh coconut milk, nutrient-dense taro leaves  and root vegetables like cassava.

With the arrival of West Hollywood’s E.P. & L.P.—a stylish new pan-Asian restaurant (E.P.) and rooftop bar (L.P.)—you can sample Fijian cuisine and skip the 10- hour flight. Drawing from his own Fijian-Chinese background, chef Louis Tikaram blends the flavors of his heritage with Thai and Vietnamese influences.

Dishes like nama “sea pearls” ceviche ($11)—a vegetarian ceviche made with South Pacific seaweed, hand-squeezed coconut milk, lime and chile—and L.P. “nachos” ($10)—chicken simmered in coconut cream with cassava crackers and lemongrass—offer a taste of Fiji.

Other plates hop the map across Southeast Asia, like the tender steamed fish with black bean, ginger and green onion (market price) and grilled baby leeks with spiced eggplant yogurt ($16). Tikaram cooks primarily with coconut oil and seasons the dishes with fresh herbs like turmeric, galangal and kaffir lime leaves.

The chef grew up on his parents’ 110-acre farm in Australia; at E.P. & L.P., he won’t source from a farm until he’s visited it in person and can vouch for its sustainable practices. The restaurant’s poultry is organic, the beef and pork are antibiotic- and hormone-free (some dishes, like brisket with red curry sauce, peanuts and Thai basil ($32), employ grass-fed beef) and the seafood is wild-caught or sustainably farmed.

Just think of it as paradise—minus the coconut palm trees.

E.P. & L.P.
603 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood