Get Me to the Greek

EONS, the Chipotle of Mediterranean food

One of EONS Greek restaurant's sandwiches
A soft and warm pita filled with your choice of hormone- and antibiotic free protein - yes please!

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

For all the focus on the heart-healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet, it’s a wonder the streets of New York aren’t running with extra-virgin olive oil.

But when it comes to fast-casual and healthy options to get your intake of whole grains, olive oil and smart protein shot through with the flavors of herbs and lemon, the choices are scant.

Chef George Georgiades noticed this dearth and has opened EONS Greek Food for Life in Kips Bay, where he serves the delicious Greek flavors that he was raised on.

The food here is fresh, organic and reasonably priced, the flavors are authentically Greek and the fast-casual service is quick and comes with a smile.

Eating at EONS will be familiar to Choose-Your-Own-Adventure diners. Pick your base (pita, rice or organic salad greens), choose your protein (options include hormone- and antibiotic free chicken, grass-fed lamb, sushi-grade wild octopus or wild shrimp), select your sides and go wild with toppings, if the spirit so moves you. A full meal will run you $9 to $15.

It’s like Chipotle went on a dreamy Mediterranean vacation.

It’s hard to pick just two of the vegetable-driven sides. There’s a beet salad with a citrusy dressing, dill-flecked Gigante beans, plump lentils with sundried tomatoes and the requisite Greek salad loaded with tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. EONS sets itself apart from the fast-casual crowd with its attention to detail, like compostable dishware and just the right amount of tang in the tzatziki. For a place that gets you food so speedily, EONS does an impressive job.

EONS Greek Food for Life
633 Second Ave

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