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The Wanderlust Cafe's healthy fare is reason enough to visit the new yoga center

Food at the Wanderlust Cafe
There's a lot to get excited about at Wanderlust: food, yoga, music, art—and did we mention the food?

Updated Jul 4, 2017 @ 5:47 pm

It’s finally arrived! The itinerant Wanderlust Festival—which celebrates mindful living through yoga, music and wellness events—has planted a permanent flag in Los Angeles with its new Wanderlust Hollywood center. The serene three-floor space boasts yoga and meditation rooms, plus an art gallery and members-only rooftop deck.

But of course we want to know: What’s there to eat?

The Wanderlust Cafe interior
The Wanderlust Cafe menu of salads, bowls, and snacks emphasizes real, whole foods.

Plenty. Chef Seamus Mullen, who’s been lauded for his New York restaurants and dedication to cooking healthfully, is helming the Wanderlust Cafe kitchen. Mullen’s experiences growing up on an organic farm in Vermont and healing his rheumatoid arthritis through diet have informed his approach to the cafe’s menu.

Though you’ll find plenty of “superfoods” on the menu—from avocado toast ($9) to a kale caesar salad ($11) and chia tonics ($5)—Mullen doesn’t over-hype them. “There are vegetables that have more phytonutrients than others. But in general, [eating] real, whole foods is the secret” to radiant health, he says.

The menu, like Mullen’s diet, is 80 percent vegetarian, and proteins including grilled organic salmon, pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed steak can be added to the selection of salads, sandwiches and bowls. Standout dishes include the heirloom tomato salad with watermelon, local burrata, pecans and basil ($11) and the forbidden black rice bowl with steamed bok choi and coconut-yuzu vinaigrette ($12).

There are also quick snacks like the spiced carrot hummus ($6) and Belcampo beef jerky ($6), but chances are you’ll want to (nama)stay on the shady patio and linger for hours.

Wanderlust Cafe
1357 N. Highland Ave.
(323) 967-8855