Neighborhood Spotlight: SoHo

From brunch spots to specialty marts, here are some of our favorite SoHo spots

NYC Neighborhood Soho and Places to Eat
Wonderful eateries in SoHo are hard to miss because of all the tourists. (Photo by: Brinkley's)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:01 am

By Jessica Colley

My SoHo isn’t one of designer boutiques and hoards of tourists squeezing into shops along Broadway. The neighborhood I call home is just west of all this chaos, in a leafy area that was once full of Italian immigrants. If you look closely, remnants of this Italian past remain, in the bakeries, butcher shops, and elderly residents speaking their native tongue.

The neighborhood is also full of restaurants, markets, and specialty shops that I think any Clean Plates reader would appreciate. Here are two of my favorite spots in SoHo, from brunch spots to smoothie joints.

1. Aurora
510 Broome Street (near West Broadway)

It’s easy to overlook Aurora, an Italian restaurant and wine bar on Broome Street, practically in the mouth of the Holland Tunnel. But once you’re past the door and settled into the exposed brick dining room in the back, all this noise disappears. Aurora offers a brunch special, but skip it — here, it’s the Italian dishes that really shine. All the pastas are made fresh on-site with organic eggs. My favorite is the wide cut spinach pappardelle.

2. Sunrise Mart
494 Broome Street (near West Broadway)

Just across West Broadway, also on Broome, is Sunrise Mart.  Inside the unassuming entrance is a well-stocked Japanese grocery store with a small eat-in space to boot. Fresh produce is displayed near piles of affordable Japanese buckwheat noodles and Asian fruits. For a quick (and inexpensive) bite, Sunrise Mart also offers soups, soba noodle dishes, and Bento boxes.

Want to share two favorite spots in your neighborhood? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at info at cleanplates dot com.

Image of author Jessica Colley in her SoHo neighborhood courtesy of the authorImages of Aurora and Hundred Acres courtesy of ZagatBuzz on Flickr. Sushi image courtesy of Flickr user Robyn Lee, Organic Avenue image by Flickr user Michelle Ramos and Brinkley’s image courtesy of Brinkley’s.

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