On Our Radar: LYFE Kitchen

Organic local sourcing for a new kind of fast food

Healthy organic food on the go from LYFE Kitchen
NorCal favorite LYFE Kitchen preaches a convenient organic food gospel. (Image courtesy of LYFE Kitchen)

Updated Jul 25, 2018 @ 12:02 pm

Here’s a new recipe for success: combine the cooking skills of Oprah’s former personal chef, Art Smith, with the business savvy of former McDonald’s CEO Mike Roberts. Fold in vegan gourmand Tal Ronnen, and wrap it all in the ethos of sustainability. Voila! Take a bite out of LYFE Kitchen, or Love Your Food Everyday, the first fast food operation dedicated to healthful, flexitarian eating and organic local sourcing.

Delicious food served quickly, affordably and ethically sounds too oxymoronic to be true. But these kitchen savants are proving that wrong at their first flagship spot in Palo Alto, California. Sourced as organically and locally as possible, the menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner; the salmon plate served with kale, zucchini and a lemon ginger sauce tops the menu at a price of $14.99. For those in search of gluten-free and vegan options, like Tal’s Ancient Grain Bowl, LYFE offers enough to merit an additional menu.

Menus aren’t the only aspect of LYFE designed with a critical eye. To walk the talk, eco-consciousness narrated all the building decisions, from the bamboo floor to the recycled aluminum tables to the ceiling made of reclaimed wood.

LYFE has served a satisfied Northern Californian crowd since 2011 and aims to expand to as many as 500 restaurants. So when is this expansion going to begin? SoCal is scheduled to chow down on LYFE’s second spot in Culver City in January 2013. If you can’t wait, the chain offers frozen dishes online, and is in the process of rolling the line out in grocery store frozen food aisles this fall.

LYFE Kitchen
9540 Culver Boulevard

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Image courtesy of LYFE Kitchen.

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