On Our Radar: Moon Juice

The Venice shop has developed a cult following for its organic juices and concoctions

Cold-pressed juices are made from high quality ingredients at Moon Juice in LA.
Venice's hip juice spot offers cold-pressed juices and milks made from unique organic ingredients. (Photo by: Tory L. Davis)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 11:02 am

By Tory L. Davis

There are myriad businesses across L.A. armed with a juicer and fruit basket, promising health and vitality. But Venice’s newest star, Moon Juice, on a happening stretch of Rose Avenue, is a cut above; its organic cold-pressed juices and dreamy almond “moon milk” concoctions aren’t just made of great ingredients—they taste out of this world.

What to Try

The juice blends are balanced and genuinely delicious. Spiced Yam is a warming concoction of ginger, cinnamon, carrot, apple and garnet yams that promises to balance hormones, protect the heart and support brain function. The Cilantro Celery Punch boasts bright notes of lemon and spicy ginger; it claims to calm nerves, detoxify heavy metals and fight infection (I must admit—I thought it would be heavenly in a cocktail).

The Bee Pollen was brilliant, a creamy and comforting confection of coconut butter, hemp seeds, wildflower honey, vanilla and almond milk. The Mint Chip was packed with maca, mesquite, almond milk and probiotic Ormus greens, which gave it an edge, but cocao nibs added a pleasing crunch.

How They Do It

Owner Amanda Chantal Bacon (former L.A. Times Magazine food editor) ensures nutrients remain intact by hydraulically pressing the fruit; no heat is created and no oxidization occurs. Each juice retains its beneficial enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals, and if properly refrigerated won’t begin to ferment for several days.

The almond milk (an ingredient in several of the shop’s concoctions, and also available to drink on its own) is also made from scratch from raw, unpasteurized, organic almonds, which are pressed to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The only other ingredients: alkaline water that’s mineralized to achieve a proper pH balance, and a pinch of salt.

The tiny shop vibrates bright and white, grounded by earthy elements and interesting snacks like dried bananas with raw almond or walnut butter, dried golden berries—ruffled tart-sweet treats from Argentina—and many others.

Forget waxing and waning—Moon Juice is already a star.

Moon Juice
507 Rose Avenue, Venice

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Images by author Tory L. Davis.

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