NYC Summer: Dining Al Fresco

Four picks for summer dining

Summer city view
Summer gives us the chance to dine outside!

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 12:03 pm

First it was the daffodils and the tulips, now it’s the outdoor seating. Summer has almost officially arrived in New York, and that means it’s important to know where to snag a table to maximize those twilight hours.

Here are 2 Clean Plates approved restaurants that will deliver not only a healthy meal, but also the fresh air and sunshine we all missed during the long months of winter.

1. Quartino Bottega
(East Village) 212. 529. 5133

There are many reasons to love Quartino Bottega: delicious whole-wheat pizzas, the wild fish, and an atmosphere that might be best described as rustic charm. Add to this list the little outdoor patio Quartino Bottega offers in the back, and you have a winner for the spring season.

While other outdoor dining spaces can seem packed with patrons or placed on a loud street, Quartino Bottega is an ideal small space that might wind up feeling like your own backyard.

2. Cookshop
(Chelsea) 212. 924. 4400

A brunch spot that is equal parts sunny and relaxed can be elusive in this city. While it might be located on 10th Avenue, Cookshop delivers sunshine, a laid-back atmosphere, and the opportunity to people watch too. Grab a table on the sidewalk at Cookshop and experience the buzz of the city that can be missing from back gardens.

After a meal here, take a stroll along the High Line to see the gorgeous spring flowers.

Jessica Colley is a travel and food writer based in New York City.

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