Picnic in LA with Picnic LA

This new Culver City fast-casual is the perfect spot to buy a portable feast

For fresh salads, clean meats and fish dishes in a fast-casual setting head to Picnic LA
High quality proteins and super salads are the name of the game at Picnic LA. (Photos courtesy of Picnic LA)

Updated Jul 2, 2017 @ 8:17 am

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat in the home kitchen of a top-notch chef? You don’t need to wrangle an invitation to find out. Just head over to Picnic LA.

This new, fast-casual Culver City spot serving fresh salads and clean meat and fish dishes was conceived when a group of restaurant industry buddies began gathering regularly for backyard barbecues. They shared simple platters of meats and vegetables that were much more pared down than anything they served in their high-end restaurants. The food was enjoyed so much by all that they thought, why not share this with everyone?

Picnic LA's dining space is sleek and modern
A simple yet sleek space for simple but sensational meals.

We’re glad they did. Instead of putting lots of energy into fussy techniques (as he did at now-shuttered Red Medicine), chef Alex Resnick opts for restrained preparations that let Picnic’s fine-dining-quality, carefully sourced ingredients shine.

Prepared salads (3 for $12; 4 for $15) are the backbone of the menu. Seasonal produce—sourced primarily from local farms that use organic practices—guides the rotating selections. Some of our favorites included a Tuscan black kale salad with kumquats, toasted pistachios, ricotta salata and pomegranate vinaigrette; and roasted parsnips with dried apricots and goat cheese.

As for proteins (one protein with two salads, $14.50), choose from eclectic selections like Moroccan spice-braised organic chicken leg tagine, Beeler’s pork meatballs with San Marzano tomato sauce and olive-oil poached sushi-grade salmon.

Dine at one of the modern, indoor picnic tables or call ahead for curbside pick-up. There’s nothing like enjoying a chef’s “home cooking”—at your home.

Picnic LA
9900 Culver Blvd., Culver City

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