The Brooklyn Standard: An Organic Locavore Bodega

This update on the classic NYC bodega offers vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options and local artisanal products

The Brooklyn Standard is an organic bodega in Brooklyn with a chandelier.
This bodega is a twist on the classic bodega with a( crystal chandelier, vegetarian friendly options, and a cool vide. (Photo by: The Brooklyn Standard)

Updated Jul 31, 2018 @ 9:58 am

The Brooklyn Standard is the organic, locavore version of a classic New York bodega. With a chandelier. But instead of corn syrup laden sweets, preservative packed products and neon orange processed snacks they offer a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich made with farm fresh eggs and tempeh or seiten bacon, and bagels with tofu cream cheese. The eggs are sourced from local farms, the pasta is organic and the coffee and ice cream are artisanal. They also carry numerous made-in-Brooklyn products like spice rubs, sodas, and granola.

The shop is especially great for vegetarians and vegans. Instead of a mayo-drenched tuna wrap or meatball Parmesan hero like you’d find in many bodegas, they offer tofu banh mi, jerked seitan sandwiches and tofu Reubens. Finish the meal with any number of vegan desserts, including peanut butter or raspberry mousse, cheesecake and a Mexican chocolate cake.

Omnivores will also find plenty of satisfying options: there’s roast beef with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese; a spicy version of a classic Cubano sandwich with pepper jack cheese and picked jalapeños; and turkey, avocado and provolone on focaccia.

Bodegas at their best offer a sense of community, down-to-earth energy, reliability and reasonable prices. The Brooklyn Standard aims to embody all of these values, but with an added commitment to organic and sustainable practices — they even compost the food waste and reuse it as fertilizer.

Yet despite this elevated philosophy, The Brooklyn Standard still possesses the true symbol of the iconic New York store—a scraggly, dark grey ATM machine in the corner.

Images courtesy of The Brooklyn Standard.

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